Granny Annex Log Cabin

Are you considering extending your home to accommodate a loved one or even welcoming them into your own home but wondering how you will maintain the balance of privacy with close care and companionship. This is a fine art and one that can be made a lot easier if a Garden Room or Granny Annex is considered. Of course it does not have to be just for granny, it is also suitable for grandpa or even any other relative or friend who you would like to bring a little closer.

A Granny Annex in the garden is an ideal alternative for many, as it offers the benefits of extra private living space, which is within close proximity to the main building. Popping in for coffee is convenient and convivial and when it’s time to leave you are still only a little distance away if needed.

Our log cabins offer a perfect match for this requirement and our design specification can be tailored to suit specific needs. For many they believe their only option is to consider a Care Home when parents begin to need some extra assistance but this definitely does not always have to be the case. Our cabins offer a compact new living environment, which maintains independence and freedom, and hopefully allow more happy times to be shared by all.


Log Cabin or Santa’s Grotto

With the Festive period now almost upon us it is highly likely that this weekend will see our homes transformed into glistening residences which twinkle and sparkle at passers by, telling all that Christmas is nearly here.  However as well as our houses we can also extend our decorative skills into the garden with external lights to adorn our trees and hedgerows.  But why stop there, why not add that extra element of magic and consider a log cabin ? This could be the perfect “Grotto” to accommodate all your family and friends, who need a place to stay, so they can share the festivities with you.

At Ashdown Cabins our range of products really does take on a new lease of life at this time of year.  The cosy feel which our wooden structures provide a real draw to those who need additional space to house the over spill from their homes.  We love to share this time of year with as many as we can possibly squeeze into our homes but providing them with a comfortable area to sleep at night is always something of a challenge and our Cabins and Pods provide the perfect solution.

Whatever design structure you consider each one is watertight, draught proof and fully insulated, so anyone inside will be snug and warm, no matter what the weather outside.  Electrical Installation is also within the specification, so whilst your home might be shimmering with twinkling lights your ‘grotto’ can be too.

You never know even Santa might be tempted to sleep over !

Festival Glamping in a Camping Pod

With festival season now in full swing the debate of whether to Glamp or Camp is now gaining momentum. Fortunately Glastonbury 2013 was not the mud bath that it has been in previous years but if you are not prepared to take the risk at the next festival event, then possibly camping Pod accommodation, is what you should be thinking of.

Camping Pod, Ashdown Cabins

With its arc roof, the shape itself allows those inside to at least imagine they are in a tent. However, this roof unlike that of a tent, will keep those within warm and dry, as it is made from treated timber and is fully insulated. So no matter what the weather is doing outside, the inside remains draft proof and watertight. With the capacity to sleep 2 adults plus 3 small children, they provide an ideal base for those wanting an outdoor experience, whilst maintaining some of the comforts of home. Each also has an external decked landing area off the large external doors which provides an ideal spot for relaxing and observing the activities going on around.

Camping Pods, Ashdown Cabins

As leading manufacturers of this new style of camping Pod, we at Ashdown Cabins, based in the Vale of Glamorgan South Wales, will be exhibiting our range at the forthcoming Royal Welsh Show, being held 21-25 July in Llanelwedd, Builth Wells.

So if this is something that you’re interested in, we will be more than happy to show you our range of Pods, plus the many other wooden structures that we manufacture, within our log cabin portfolio. We have many design options making our cabins and pods ideal for either commercial or private dwellings

So make sure you update your diary with those dates and we will look forward to seeing you there !



Log Cabin Manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins Get Ready for Summer

Log cabins are now a popular accessory in many gardens, but at this time of year those which are already in situ, are beginning to have the summer makeover so that they are ready to accommodate garden guests. But for those who have not already joined this bandwagon and long to spend more time in the garden whilst combining the benefits of household comforts, Log Cabin Manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins have just the thing for you.

Log Cabin Manufacturers

Ashdown Cabins have a wide range of log cabins to suit any sized outdoor space and will even tailor the design to suit specific needs. Cabins can be fitted with electrical facilities and interior layouts sectioned to allow for a multitude of configurations, which will mean this sound wooden structure can satisfy almost any garden room requirement. They offer the perfect social focal point for any garden event, whether it be outdoor dining, teenage rock room or even teddy bear’s picnic.


Most structures are fitted with large windows or glazed doors, which will allow you to flood the cabin with the summer rays, which you can then sit back and enjoy. You can even add a decked area to the front of your cabin to allow you to really embrace the heat and relax until sunset !


However if we don’t get the summer we are all hoping for, the superior quality design and finish means that they will offer a secure outdoor space that will endure all weathers, which means that you can still enjoy the garden whilst keeping warm and dry !


Camping Pod Manufacturers focus on Glamping

Glamping or Glamorous camping is a new phenomenon, which is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the desire to camp with comfort. This coupled with a series of wet summers means that this trend is continuing to become a popular alternative, to the more traditional camping options. The desire to combine the freedom of camping in the great outdoors with comfortable, cosy and dry accommodation can be satisfied by Camping Pod Manufacturers – Ashdown Cabins and their ark shaped timber Pod.

Camping Pod ManufacturersThis innovative wooden structure is one of many designs offered by Ashdown Cabins and can be used to provide either extra living space in the garden or as a resort solution for campsites wishing to accommodate this new style of camper.

Each Pod or Holiday Cabin is fully insulated, water tight and draft proof providing a warm environment to retreat to, when required. Alternatively, the extended porch area accessed via the patio doors offers the ideal space to relax and appreciate more pleasant weather conditions.

This style of accommodation therefore offers many solutions to combat the Great British weather but whatever your needs, this stylish design by Camping Pod manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins, will no doubt provide the ideal space for work, rest and play !


SOHO Log Cabin Manufacturers

The Log cabin has seen an increase in popularity in recent years with families outgrowing their current space and looking for some extra space to retreat to.  The sophisticated and skilled methods of manufacture and the high quality products used by log cabin manufacturers Ashdown Cabins ensure that this type of structure is now appropriate for use at any time of the year.

SOHO Log Cabin ManufacturersThe choice of design layout they provide means that there are many options of arrangement available to suit almost any purpose extending from Chill out zone to Man Cave !

One significant area of growth has been the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market. With the number of people now working from home on the rise, the log cabin provides a sanctuary away from the environment in which you live. The bespoke design guaranteed by Ashdown Cabins provides a professional environment, which can be tailored to suit the needs of the user and the environment in which it is situated.

Alternatively for those who want a more individual and modern outdoor living space Ashdown Cabins also offer the ark shaped timber Pod. This innovative design was traditionally designed to suit the Glamping market – those who like the idea of camping but without the bugs !  However, it is proving a popular design choice for an extra room in the garden. Its soft curved design makes it blend perfectly with the garden environment whilst offering an attractive modern day living space.

Whichever option you choose from the wide portfolio offered by log cabin manufacturers Ashdown Cabins, working from home will never have been so desirable.


3 uses of Log Cabins in your Home

Log cabin as a garden room

Log Cabin manufacturers

As experienced log cabin manufacturers, we’ve been creating log cabins for many years.

Always listening to what our customers want, we’re confident that the cabins we build are going to be perfectly suited to their requirements, whatever they may be.

And generally speaking, it really doesn’t matter what those requirements are – log cabins are so versatile that they can be used for a multitude of different purposes, with the three uses below really just a small selection of those possible.

1.  Holiday homes

Arguably the most obvious use for a log cabin, you can have your very own holiday home at what could easily be a fraction of the cost of other options, such as static caravans or apartments.

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Welcome To The Ashdown Cabins Blog!

A log cabin office with railingsOur focus at Ashdown Cabins is to provide the highest quality wood cabins that we possibly can.

Part of the Ashdown Group, which was founded in 2005, we quickly established ourselves as one of the leading log cabin manufacturers in the country.

Consistently delivering quality products to our ever-growing list of customers, we’re huge believers that cabins, if developed properly, can be used for a wide variety of different purposes.  It’s for this reason why we not only deliver quality, but quantity in the form of variety, too.

From holiday homes through to offices, we have a number of purpose-built cabins to suit a wide range of different needs and requirements.  Size.  Budget.  Space.  It really doesn’t matter – we’re confident we’ll have something for you.

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