Camping Pod Manufacturers focus on Glamping

Glamping or Glamorous camping is a new phenomenon, which is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the desire to camp with comfort. This coupled with a series of wet summers means that this trend is continuing to become a popular alternative, to the more traditional camping options. The desire to combine the freedom of camping in the great outdoors with comfortable, cosy and dry accommodation can be satisfied by Camping Pod Manufacturers – Ashdown Cabins and their ark shaped timber Pod.

Camping Pod ManufacturersThis innovative wooden structure is one of many designs offered by Ashdown Cabins and can be used to provide either extra living space in the garden or as a resort solution for campsites wishing to accommodate this new style of camper.

Each Pod or Holiday Cabin is fully insulated, water tight and draft proof providing a warm environment to retreat to, when required. Alternatively, the extended porch area accessed via the patio doors offers the ideal space to relax and appreciate more pleasant weather conditions.

This style of accommodation therefore offers many solutions to combat the Great British weather but whatever your needs, this stylish design by Camping Pod manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins, will no doubt provide the ideal space for work, rest and play !


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