Log Cabin Manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins Get Ready for Summer

Log cabins are now a popular accessory in many gardens, but at this time of year those which are already in situ, are beginning to have the summer makeover so that they are ready to accommodate garden guests. But for those who have not already joined this bandwagon and long to spend more time in the garden whilst combining the benefits of household comforts, Log Cabin Manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins have just the thing for you.

Log Cabin Manufacturers

Ashdown Cabins have a wide range of log cabins to suit any sized outdoor space and will even tailor the design to suit specific needs. Cabins can be fitted with electrical facilities and interior layouts sectioned to allow for a multitude of configurations, which will mean this sound wooden structure can satisfy almost any garden room requirement. They offer the perfect social focal point for any garden event, whether it be outdoor dining, teenage rock room or even teddy bear’s picnic.


Most structures are fitted with large windows or glazed doors, which will allow you to flood the cabin with the summer rays, which you can then sit back and enjoy. You can even add a decked area to the front of your cabin to allow you to really embrace the heat and relax until sunset !


However if we don’t get the summer we are all hoping for, the superior quality design and finish means that they will offer a secure outdoor space that will endure all weathers, which means that you can still enjoy the garden whilst keeping warm and dry !


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