Log Cabin or Santa’s Grotto

With the Festive period now almost upon us it is highly likely that this weekend will see our homes transformed into glistening residences which twinkle and sparkle at passers by, telling all that Christmas is nearly here.  However as well as our houses we can also extend our decorative skills into the garden with external lights to adorn our trees and hedgerows.  But why stop there, why not add that extra element of magic and consider a log cabin ? This could be the perfect “Grotto” to accommodate all your family and friends, who need a place to stay, so they can share the festivities with you.

At Ashdown Cabins our range of products really does take on a new lease of life at this time of year.  The cosy feel which our wooden structures provide a real draw to those who need additional space to house the over spill from their homes.  We love to share this time of year with as many as we can possibly squeeze into our homes but providing them with a comfortable area to sleep at night is always something of a challenge and our Cabins and Pods provide the perfect solution.

Whatever design structure you consider each one is watertight, draught proof and fully insulated, so anyone inside will be snug and warm, no matter what the weather outside.  Electrical Installation is also within the specification, so whilst your home might be shimmering with twinkling lights your ‘grotto’ can be too.

You never know even Santa might be tempted to sleep over !

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