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A Camping Pod is an ark shaped building which, allows you to experience the joy of camping but from within a timber framed structure. Camping Pod Manufacturers, Ashdown Cabins based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, specialize in the manufacture of these highly versatile structures, which can be used for a number of activities including:
  • Camping
  • Garden Living Space
  • Fishing Hut
  • Beach Hut
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Mountain Bikers/Walkers Retreat
You no longer need to endure the stress of putting up your tent and being fully exposed to the ferocity of mother nature as a camping Pod guarantees you a warm, dry and cosy dwelling whilst allowing you complete access to the great outdoors via the double door access to the external decked landing area.
The unusual arch shape to the Pod gives a unique appearance whilst minimising visual intrusion and maximising the utilisation of head room within the available interior space. The Pods are fitted two entry / access points – French doors to the front and a large window to the rear. each allowing the pod to be engulfed with large volumes of natural light. The covered porch, accessed from the French doors, whilst offering an outdoor seating area also lends itself to a storage space for camping equipment.
As leading Camping Pod manufacturers in South Wales, our design specification offers a dwelling, which is fully insulated, water tight and draft proof. Internally the Pods are clad with tongue and groove softwood and laminate flooring for a clean and durable finish. The exterior is clad with treated timber giving the Pod a long life span. Each Pod is also built on a heavy duty timber base and as a result needs minimal site preparation. All Pods are fitted with electrical connections and lighting along with double glazed windows and doors fitted as standard offering luxuries that cannot be matched from camping alone. For full specification of click on the link below.